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Actor, Comedienne, Singer, Dancer, Writer, Director, Improviser, Saxophonist, Blogger and Basset Hound enthusiast; Miranda Dawe is all these things in a petite package – just don’t ask her to retrieve anything from a top kitchen cupboard.

Miranda Dawe

Funny Women Semi-Finalist 2013

'Miranda is wonderfully bubbly, joyous and a pleasure to work with. Audiences at What The Frock! lapped up her wide-eyed jokes with delight.' Jane from What the Frock! Comedy Nights

"Miranda is confident, charismatic, dramatic and more than a little funny." Comedy Club 101 - Comedy Rising Stars 2013 - 4th place.

“I just wanted you to know that your contribution as a debutante to the show was outstandingly committed and all departments rated your performing standards very highly, and marked you out as valued cast member.” Peter Savidge, Thursford Christmas Spectacular

“We just loved it, are you doing it again? We will follow you around the country!” Two ‘mature’ fans after ‘An Evening with Judy Garland’ at the Compass Theatre, Ickenham.

“I love your style, it’s like you are channelling Ugly Betty; I mean that as a compliment”
Costume designer for the ‘I was Brilliant in the Bedroom’ Showcase.