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Confessions of an Undiscovered Star

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30, Flirty and Thriving!

So this happened this week:


Ok so I didn't actually turn into Jennifer Garner! That would have been nice. But yep I'm now 30. It wasn't exactly like this either: 


Instead I was taken out on Saturday night by my wonderful boyfriend to see The Book of Mormon! It was fantastic! The West End of London on Valentines day night was not so great.

A bongo playing group of dread-locked chaps were holding demonstration to 'Reclaim Love'. I don't know who has stolen love and I didn't stop anyone to ask whilst the formed a huge circle, pushing everyone out into the road or into nearby shops. I'm not sure if this is the 13th time they have reclaimed love or if they just haven't changed their banner 'Reclaim Love 13' in two years. 

So whilst I was being forced to be part of a real life production of 'Hair' I waited for the boyf to turn up and tell me what my surprise was...and I started having an anxiety attack. I love so much about London but the crazy, touristy centre on a busy night is hell. But anyway the show was awesome!!!

On Sunday a large group of my friends met for my birthday meal at the Bonnington Cafe - my absolute favourite restaurant in London! It is a former squat and now a community vegetarian cafe with a different chef every night. It's just like being in someone's lounge - if they were serving you dinner and they had an acoustic musician. 

I had such a big group they sent me with a pad to get everyone's orders which was fine until one of the other tables of people wanted to give me their order as well. I had to explain that I didn't actually work there and it was just my birthday, which I then realised made me sound like I was having a special treat as I'd always wanted to be a waitress...?!

The night was perfect (despite confusions on times turning the night into Challenge Anneka and having to go to two different pubs first - the first was shut). I really recommend you visit the Bonnington!

On my actual birthday on Monday Jim and I traveled home to Amersham for a family meal at ASK with my mum, best friend and her little girl Bella. I sat on the floor with Bella and did 'good toes, naughty toes' and we practised our numbers and colours (it really is something I need to perfect now I'm 30). Then in the evening we went to see the tour of Return to the Forbidden Planet - a show I have seen so many times and LOVE! I started playing the saxophone because of this show so if it is coming near you soon go and see it!

I'm definitely 30, flirty and thriving! Well...I'm 30. But that's ok. 

I liked this video from Mel Kirk - have you just turned 30? How have you found it?