Acting Showreel which can also be found at Spotlight.

Presenting Showreel for CBBC/CITV 8-12years

Presenting Showreel for CBeebies/Milkshake age

"You're a Vision' Full Sketch 

'Let it Go' Frozen Parody Music Video

 'Casting Breakdown' Parody Music Video

 "Old Fashioned Love Story from The Wild Party":

"Broadway Here I Come" by Joe Iconis June 2013

 Rochelle D'Avis' YouTube Channel

JokePit Interview


Click here for an Interview about Comedy at Pinewood Studios

 Stand Up - Stand Up and Deliver Showcase with Amused Moose May 2012

  Jessie J's Failed Audition for Doctor Who - Live at the We Are Funny Project, 27th January 2014